The best virtual plant-growing app seed capital can buy? (Ice Water Games)

Soon, all you’ll need to enjoy the exciting experience of watching plants grow is an app.

At least, that appears to be the idea behind Viridi, a project in development from Ice Water Games. The developer describes Viridi as “a meditative potted plant app” that will let users “curate a small pot of succulents that grow in real time.”

Presumably, the app will involve minimal intervention from the user. Succulents are house plants with training wheels — they’re hardy and easy to take care of.

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Here’s an early look at the game from Ice Water:

All this raises some questions.


Is this a trick?

Did we, as a species, not learn the lessons of the Tamagotchi craze? (We did not.)

The “why,” it seems, is based off of two assumptions: Growing potted plants is therapeutic, and virtual potted plants, being more portable, will provide more opportunities for gardening therapy.

Just remove phone from pocket, check in on your plants and relaaaaaaaax.

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As potted plants generally wither in the hands of this author, The Post is hardly in a position to analyze the validity of these assumptions.

Viridi seems to be an extreme instance of a small game that omits suspense, shooting, elaborate graphics and other traditional gameplay elements, deliberately doing for an opposite experience. While these games might not appeal to the sort of gamer who only values those traditional elements, they often find an audience.

Often, though, non-traditional games (for example, Gone Home) emphasize story. Viridi doesn’t even have that underneath, as far as we can tell. Instead, Viridi will just have plants. And snails, apparently

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