Timothy Olyphant as Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, Garret Dillahunt as Ty Walker, Sam Elliott as Avery Markham. CR: Prashant Gupta/FX

Is nothing sacred? Marriage? The brotherhood of war? Of law enforcement? Can a thief in a mine shaft trust his fellow thief?

OF COURSE NOT!!! This is “Justified,” in which promises of true luv & friendship are quickly followed by two rounds to the back of the head.

People drop dead in this show and you wonder, “Well, why didn’t you shoot the other dude first?” That’s the deal. Is it Shakespearean or pulp? Hard to call.

Where we’re at:

* Avery, gangsta to the core, proposes marriage to Katherine, backstabber to the core, with a ring that could choke a Derby winner. Since she’s plotting to kill him for (she thinks) selling out her late hubbie to the cops, this is what the kids call “aaawwkkkkwwwaaarrddd.” Also, who thinks either one is gonna be alive at the end of the series finale? Nah.

* Choo-Choo, who inadvertently punched Calhoun so hard that he killed him, is now tasked with body disposal. Also, with killing Caprice (the hooker) who was with him before yonder punch. But Choo Choo still has a faint glimmer of a moral compass, if not intelligence, and served in “the sandbox” of Afghanistan with his coworkers Seabass and Ty. He likes Caprice and, while he ties her up and gags her in the woods, doesn’t want to shoot her in the head. (Cuz THAT would be wrong.)

* Ty is, we learn, not only a bearded wonder but also guilt-stricken from being one armored car away from the blast that reduced Choo Choo to an imbecile. He doesn’t like Avery Markham for ignoring their military bond. When Avery orders Ty to kill Choo Choo, he goes to do it, but resentfully. You can tell his heart just ain’t in this particular homicide.

* Raylan is, as always, a hot mess. Did he and Ava hook up in the last show, before Boyd got home? We dunno. This week, Boyd comes home while Raylan is still at Ava’s, and they all make sensual smack-talk in the kitchen over fried chicken, but it’s not clear. Back at the office, are Rachel and Art onto his slightly less-than-professional ethics and about to kick him off the case? Debatable. But at least he is the only one still asking about what the heck ever happened to our late and lamented Dewey Crowe, so good on ya, Ray.

* Rachel. Since when did she become the schoolmarm? Now that she’s subbing for Art as head of the bureau, she’s making MAJOR frowny faces about Raylan and his working methods. Art, still recuperating from his gunshot wound, breezes into the office in this episode to check on his theory about who actually sold out Grady Hale (Katherine’s late hubby; Avery’s old crime parter) to the feds. He and Rachel reach the conclusion that Raylan is a loose cannon who just may need to be benched. Such is the fate of being Raylan since the very first episode.

Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder, Joelle Carter as Ava Crowder, Timothy Olyphant as Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens. CR: Prashant Gupta/FX

* Boyd — Has the man just lost all judgment? He can’t sniff out Ava as a snitch. Now he can’t sniff out her uncle Zachariah (the endlessly working character actor Jeff Fahey) as a backstabbing half-wit. They’re in the old mine shaft, trying to sneak into the basement of the Pizza Portal, where rests Avery’s safe of millions. Boyd falls partway into an old shaft but is saved. Boyd leaves, shaken, but when a coworker notices the boards Boyd stepped through have been sawn in half — rather than rotted — Zachariah responds by throwing the dude down said shaft. Then he fakes a panicked call for help. Sleazebucket. You are better than this, Boyd.

* Limehouse — Last week, did I actually say that I might like him as much as anyone? Then, at the end of tonight’s episode, he calls Boyd to tell him that Ava was trying to buy a car on the down-low and get out of Harlan. The episode ends with Boyd, looking mightily perturbed, shooting a laser glance at Ava.

* Why Can’t Anybody Shoot a Gun No More? — Raylan and Tim follow Ty and his henchmen (where did they come from?) out in the woods. They catch up with them just as they are about to whack the hapless Choo Choo and Caprice. Snark and gunfire erupts! Ty may be winged, but he gets away in his car. Choo Choo is badly hurt, but also gets away. Tim and Raylan don’t get a scratch. The henchmen are dead, but Seabass wasn’t there and is still, as they say, armed and dangerous.

* Choo Choo, you escaped the law, but then you died on the railroad tracks, hoping a Choo Choo would run you over. We love & miss you. Don’t worry. This being Harlan, you’ll be getting friends in the land of the hillbilly hereafter soon.