Days after threatening to leave “Fashion Police” over co-host Giuliana Rancic’s comments about actress Zendaya’s Oscars red carpet style, Kelly Osbourne has, indeed, quit the show — though no official explanation was offered.

“Kelly Osbourne is departing E!s ‘Fashion Police’ to pursue other opportunities, and we would like to thank her for her many contributions to the series over the past five years, during which time the show became a hit with viewers,” the network said in a statement Friday evening.

Rancic offended many people after Monday’s episode when she critiqued Disney star Zendaya’s dreadlocks on the red carpet at the Academy Awards, saying she felt that the 18-year-old actress smelled like “patchouli oil” and “weed.”

Zendaya immediately called out the implied racial stereotype as “ignorant.” “There is already a harsh criticism of African American hair in society without the help of ignorant people who choose to judge others based on the curl of their hair,” she wrote in a long Instagram message.

Osbourne, who said nothing on the show when Rancic made the comment, started tweeting up a storm when the criticism arrived fast and harsh the following day. ” I DO NOT CONDONE RACISM SO AS A RSULT OF THIS IM SEREIOULSY QUESTIONONIG STAYING ON THE SHOW!” she wrote.

The Internet lit up with harsh criticism against Rancic, who apologized on Twitter saying she meant it as a critique of “bohemian chic” style: “Had NOTHING to do with race and NEVER would!!!” She also offered an apology the next night on “E! News,” and told “Access Hollywood” that she didn’t even write the joke herself. Zendaya accepted it with another lengthy Instagram statement.

“Giuliana, I appreciate your apology and I’m glad it was a learning experience for you and for the network,” Zendaya wrote. “I hope that others negatively affected by her words can also find it in their hearts to accept her apology as well.”

It appeared the dust had settled after Rancic’s apology. “#ThisTooShallPass.” Osbourne tweeted on Wednesday.

But now, Osbourne won’t be returning. The show, already going through growing pains with new host Kathy Griffin (who recently replaced the late Joan Rivers), has not made a decision on her replacement.

“‘Fashion Police’ will return, as scheduled, on Friday, March 30th at 9 p.m.,” the network said.