Cate Blanchett (Christopher Polk/Getty)

There’s always one celebrity out there who is self-aware enough to realize that a) Hollywood is truly absurd and b) it’s fun to hear stars acknowledge that.

That person used to be Jennifer Lawrence, but she’s been off the grid for awhile, so it’s time to find someone who can deliver real talk like this:

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And thanks to a hilarious interview that’s circulating online today, we have to say: Cate Blanchett, your time is now.

Blanchett, clearly in the “okay, let’s get this over with” phase of her “Cinderella” press junket, had a free-wheeling conversation with journalist Jonathan Hyla that included topics from vodka to sex. Of course, at the end is the now viral moment where Hyla asks Blanchett about walking a cat on a leash. Blanchett gives him a dumbfounded look and asks “That’s your (expletive) question??” and walks out.

Taken out of context, the Internet is lighting up with headlines about how Blanchett “snaps” or “loses her cool” during the interview. But in fact, she’s saying what any of us would want to on the millionth day on a never-ending press tour. (And of course, if you watch the rest of the interview, it’s clear it’s in good spirits and the interviewer was in on the joke.)

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It’s a fun turn for Blanchett, who usually appears so regal, but has become a spokesperson for Hollywood madness before — notably on an E! red carpet where she noticed the camera panning slowly up her entire body. “Do you do this for the guys?” she asked, finally sick of the “glam cam”  treatment. “What do you think is going to happen down there that is so fascinating?”

Need three to make a trend? How about Blanchett’s Academy Awards speech last year for “Blue Jasmine” where she railed against female-centered films being considered “niche.”

“They are not,” she said. “Audiences want to see them. And in fact, they earn money.”