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Dating in Washington is really hard. Is it D.C., or is it me?

In the first video of his series, "Dated," Craig Schattner asks himself and other local singles what makes the Washington single scene so difficult. (Video: Craig Schattner/Dated Series)
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It’s hard out there, right?

If you’ve been single in D.C. for a while, you’ve probably wondered, “Why is this so freaking difficult? I’m pretty great. Why can’t I meet someone?”

To try to answer these questions for myself, I decided to produce a video series. Watch the first episode of “Dated” above.

We’re not alone. More than 70 percent of the D.C. population is unmarried. But strength doesn’t necessarily come in numbers; as you might have experienced, with more single people comes more people who just want to be single.

A lot of people (myself included) have hypothesized about the root of the trouble with Washington’s dating scene:

“D.C. brings some terrible people here, what with the K Street crowd and Hill folks.”

“Nobody wants anything serious, because they’re ready to up and leave for the next big opportunity.”

“And what’s with everyone talking about their jobs? If one more guy starts a conversation with ‘What do you do?’ I’m going to throw his ID badge in the Potomac.”

Whatever your theory, you’ll likely agree with this: Dating in D.C. has its own identity. Its own code.  And if it’s a code, maybe we can crack it. Because I, for one, want to stop complaining about this city’s dating culture. I want to embrace it. I want people to be excited to date here. And selfishly, I want to find someone here.

A particularly hard question has to be asked at the outset: “Is it D.C., or is it me?”

I hope the series will help you work out some of your own lingering questions about dating in the district. You will see my next episodes here on The Post’s Style Blog, on PostTV, and on my YouTube page. And if you want to talk about your own experiences trying to crack the code, send me a tweet @datedDC or follow the series on Facebook.

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