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Die With You.

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Well, here’s a sample of the exclusive Tidal content Jay Z was talking about.

Beyoncé released a video of herself this weekend — nothing fancy, just the singer at a piano, hair in pigtails — singing to her husband, Jay Z, to commemorate their seventh wedding anniversary. The song, “Die With You,” was released on Tidal, the new streaming service they co-own with Rihanna, Madonna, Calvin Harris, Alicia Keys, Jack White, Arcade Fire, Deadmau5, Coldplay, Daft Punk and Usher. At the end, Jay turns the camera around to reveal that he’s been filming Beyoncé. It’s sweet.

Of course, “exclusive” never lasts for very long on the Internet. There are fuzzy permutations of “Die with You” floating around YouTube. Others have already been removed because of copyright claims.

This video is just the latest in the Knowles-Carter strategy to leverage their power-couple status into more financial successes. Their “On the Run” tour, their first and only tour as a couple, grossed more than $100 million, making it the second-most successful tour in history by Forbes’s calculation of gross per show.

The battle for market share in the music-streaming space will be a tough one, so it’s no surprise that Jay and Bey are already pulling out the big guns. Tidal has about 17,000 subscribers. Spotify has 60 million users, 15 million of them paid. And Apple will reportedly soon relaunch Beats music, fully integrated with iTunes, with a $7.99 monthly subscription rate. Tidal, Google Play Music and Spotify offer streaming subscriptions for $9.99.