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Are country music award shows obsessed with Miranda Lambert? Look at the numbers.

Miranda Lambert accepting one of her many awards. (Harrison Mcclary/Reuters)
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“And the award goes to … Miranda Lambert!”

How many times have you heard that phrase? If you’ve tuned in to a country music award show in the last decade, probably quite a few. It’s gotten to the point where even the country singer herself seems a bit weary as she walks to the stage for the umpteenth time, nearly out of people to thank.

At this year’s Academy of Country Music Awards (ACMs), airing Sunday night on CBS, Lambert naturally leads the field with eight nominations, including entertainer of the year. It got us thinking — are country award shows actually obsessed with Miranda Lambert, or does it just seem that way?

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We took a look at the numbers to find out. Specifically, we looked at all the nominations and winners at Country Music Association Awards (the most prestigious of them all) along with ACMs since 2005, when Lambert first came on the Nashville scene with songs like “Kerosene” and “Gunpowder and Lead.”

Here’s the breakdown of Lambert versus other popular artists, from her husband Blake Shelton to Taylor Swift. As you can see, she’s way ahead of the pack, especially in recent years. For example, Lambert has won the top female vocalist award for five consecutive years at both the CMAs and the ACMS.

And scroll down further into a deeper dive into Lambert’s many (many) award show wins.

Miranda Lambert’s ACM stats

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