Warning: If you’re one of the Taylor Swift fans planning to see a concert on her highly-hyped “1989” world tour this year and don’t want spoilers, look away.

But if you’re curious about how one of the savviest pop stars of our time puts on a massive concert (expected to gross about $200 million) here are some scenes from the first tour stop. It kicked off at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on Tuesday in front of a 55,000-plus sold out crowd; immediately, details started pouring out on social media.

* The set list:

While Swift’s set list generally stays the same throughout a tour, she’s always one for surprises: As she’s acknowledged, most of her diehard fans — the ones that ensure she’s the only artist who can still sell a million copies of an album these days — have watched the entire concert on YouTube months before they arrive at the venue.


“Everything we’ve ever done, every decision I’ve made on my last tours, I wanted to flip it and do the opposite for this one,” Swift recently told “Access Hollywood.” “You have to switch it up, cause people get bored — more easily in 2015 than ever before.”

Judging from the lists that have cropped up on Twitter, Swift plays nearly the entire “1989” album during the two-hour concert. Her Nashville roots are long gone, as are the majority of famous hits from her first albums. Though she does go back in time for “Love Story” (the third-highest selling digital country song of all time); “Enchanted” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”


For the record, Swift’s show in Tokyo started at around 6:30 p.m. in Japan, translating to 5:30 a.m. Eastern: But fans were eagerly waking up at all hours to find the details:


* The stage:

Swift will play many stadiums and arenas on the tour (which arrives in America on May 20 in Bossier City, La.), so expect it to look something like this:

* Costume changes

Swift promised the fashion would be epic this time around.

* The lighting:

* The spectacle:

* The opening number:

Looks like Swift, a New York City ambassador, appropriately kicks off with her “Welcome to New York” anthem:



* The Katy Perry song:

Otherwise known as “Bad Blood,” the ultimate burn, and upcoming single.

* The Harry Styles song:

“Style,” naturally, also known as her current single.

* The show closer:

“Shake It Off,” of course.


* The after-party:

Similarly to the “T-Party” and “Club Red,” Swift’s team invites the hardcore fans to a meet and greet after the show. Looks like this one is called “Loft 89,” according to @TSwiftOnTour, a fan account that tweets details from every concert.