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Michelle Obama lifts 35-pound weights and dons boxing gloves in the gym

Michelle Obama tweeted a video of her workout as part of her #GimmeFive campaign to encourage healthy activity. (Video:
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There are several firsts in the video Michelle Obama tweeted out last night.

Here are a few: She is now the only first lady to have laid bare her workout routine, and the first to wear a gym tank and stretch pants while pounding her fists together in boxing gloves. Over a pounding beat, she is shown doing five exercises.

1. She skips rope, crossing her feet in front and then in back. She does not sweat.

2. She lies on a mat, holding a medicine ball overhead. While reaching the medicine ball up, she brings her feet to meet it. She does not sweat.

3. She stands astride a workout bench then hops on top of it. She hops down and does it again. She does not sweat!

4. The camera zooms in on the first lady holding 35-pound weights. With her trainer, Cornell McClellan, standing over her on a workout bench, she does several chest presses. She breathes in and out deeply but, still, does not sweat.

5. She ends the video with a kickboxing routine. Her leg reaches up nearly as far as a Rockette. She sips a glass of water with one hand on her hip. She does not hold a towel because she still has not broken a sweat.

The video, published Tuesday night, is part of Obama’s campaign to promote healthy eating and exercise.