Prepare your dinosaur puns: “Jurassic World,” the lukewarmly reviewed addition to the “Jurassic Park” franchise, tore apart box-office records this weekend with its $204.6 million opening haul.

The dino-driven film, the fourth movie since the 1993 original, falls squarely between the two Avengers movies’ records for opening weekend success. (The 2012 “Avengers” film still ranks at No. 1, but “World” outpaced this year’s “Age of Ultron.”)

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But the numbers are even more jaw-dropping when foreign ticket sales are included. With its $511.8 million total, “Jurassic World” ranks as the best global opening — ever. To put that massive number in film perspective: in its first three days in theaters, “World” has made only about $111.5 million less than “Avengers” made in its entire run. It’s the “first time a film has ever grossed more than $500 million in one weekend,” according to BoxOfficeMojo.

“Jurassic World.” (Universal Pictures/Amblin Entertainment via AP)

In comparison, the other handful of records broken by the action film seem small potatoes. (Third-best Friday opening ever? Meh.)

Many analyses have noted that the film has a bevy of problems: stagnant character development, sexist tropes, product placement out the wazoo and Bryce Dallas Howard spending upwards of two hours running away from prehistoric monsters while wearing nude patent heels. Audiences clearly seem to be okay emptying their wallets regardless.

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It’s been a great year for setting new financial goals as more comic book movies and franchise films like “Furious 7” amass amazing numbers. But even among those already impressive totals, “Jurassic World” is a (giant, reptilian) step above the competition.

Dinosaurs, man.

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