Matt McGorry and Dascha Polanco in a fictional scene from ‘Orange is the New Black.’ (K.C. Bailey/Netflix)

(This post contains spoilers about Season 3 of “Orange is the New Black.”)

Want some pure comedy? Head over to “Orange is the New Black” star Matt McGorry’s Instagram account.

For the past week or so, the actor has been bombarded by angry messages from fans of the Netflix drama. Some people are very upset that McGorry’s character, Litchfield correctional officer John Bennett, impregnated an inmate (Daya, played by Dascha Polanco) and then ditched her before she gave birth, inexplicably quitting his job and disappearing. Tragically, Daya’s baby daughter was taken away by child services in the finale after her guardian was arrested.

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Most of these comments are jokes, and honestly, some of them are pretty funny. But what’s even more entertaining is that McGorry is getting mad (like, actually mad) at all of these comments. We can’t necessarily blame him. No one wants to post a picture of a gorgeous yacht  and then see these comments: “WHY THE [expletive] DID YOU LEAVE DAYA YOU P—- SHE KEPT THE BABY” and “YOU BETTER BE DRIVING THAT BOAT BACK TO LITCHFIELD.”

By Father’s Day, McGorry had enough of this nonsense, and posted a photo of him with Polanco and Elizabeth Rodriguez, who plays Daya’s mother, Aleida. In his passive aggressive caption, you can almost feel him quivering with rage as he reiterates that he. is. not. a. dad. in. real. life.

“We play pretend characters that are sometimes even the opposite of who we are as real live people while not reflecting our real lives because it is not real,” he wrote, carefully explaining the craft of acting: “Moments before this photograph was taken I was even saying words that were written by another person, all the while pretending that my name was John Bennett and that his thoughts and actions were a result of my own brain! Weirdly, the words coming out of my mouth and the things I did in the story were not created by me at all!”

Thanks for clearing it up, John! Though maybe we would be annoyed too, if every time we tried to post an awesome picture on Instagram, hundreds of people jumped in to harass us about our fictional problems. For example:

Picture: McGorry “splorin’ Oxford” on a gorgeous day.
Sample comment: “why don’t you explore your way to child services where they took your baby Bennett.”

Picture: Gleaming sun on a perfect afternoon in Monte Carlo.
Sample comment: “Really?? You left your family to take a picture of a sun when you could have been having a son.”

Picture: McGorry hanging out with Sarah Drew of “Grey’s Anatomy”
Sample comment: “Dayanara is in jail and your baby is probably going to foster care but here you are with another woman.. smh”

Picture: A stunning view of the coast in France.
Sample comment: “Get your a– out of France and go back to Daya you son of a b—”

Picture: At a fancy TV industry event.
Sample comment: “that’s what you do while Daya is suffering in prison ?”

Yeah, that might get a little old. But it’s just like bullies — if McGorry just ignores them, they’re more likely to go away.

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