So how do you feel about Bill Cosby now?

Or maybe, like Jill Scott, you stayed loyal until word came out Monday that he admitted acquiring sedatives to give to the women he wanted to have sex with, and that’s made you change your mind.

Or are you still standing by the Cos?

Your response may have something to do with where you’re from — judging from the dramatically different ways he was greeted across the country during his recently-concluded “Far From Finished” tour. Sure, a lot of those shows were canceled or disrupted by hecklers. But at many other venues Cosby found loving ovations and protective hosts — and mind you, this was when the stories were already pretty bad, suggesting that there must just be something in the water.

Below, we have assessed which territories are friendly to Cosby and which are hostile to Cosby with an interactive map charting the progress of his now-infamous tour.


From comedian to controversy, Cosby's legacy reshaped.