Back in 2013, rapper and singer Phonte of the Foreign Exchange wrote a series of hilariously spot-on tweets comparing rappers to television shows. On a whim, he captured Kanye West, Biggie, A Tribe Called Quest, the Roots, Rick Ross and others in 140 characters or less.

“#Lost is Kanye: An unorthodox story that became an unlikely cultural phenomenon and just got weirder and more ridiculous with each season,” he tweeted.

And Eminem? “#MadMen is Eminem: Technically FLAWLESS, but I can only listen to the existential angst of rich white men for a short while.”

Phonte and the other half of his hip-hop duo, producer Nicolay, are releasing their fifth studio album, “Tales From the Land of Milk and Honey,” on August 21. The Washington Post spoke to the critically acclaimed twosome Thursday.

We thought we’d ask Phonte about a few acts he left out to see if he had any updates, and he did. What’s more, without the restrictions of Twitter, he was able to more thoroughly explain his reasoning behind each. We’ve edited lightly for clarity.

Tyler, the Creator | “The Eric Andre Show”

I would say he’s like “The Eric Andre Show” in the sense that it’s just like, you watch it sometimes and you’re just like, “what the f— am I watching,” you know what I’m sayin’? It’s so absurd. It’s like what? What? But! Buuut, at the same time you can’t turn away. It is a sign that there is some genius at work in there. It is very much controlled chaos, if that makes sense. Tyler can be very, I guess you could say controversial. He can be very edgy. He knows where the line is and he knows how far to push it and there’s definitely, if you really listen to him, you can see that it’s not just complete and total mayhem. There’s very much some calculation and a whole lot of skill that goes into being that subversive. So he’s like “The Eric Andre Show” for me — just total, total complete f—ing irreverence but a lot of genius kind of bubbling under the surface.

A$AP Rocky | “Ballers”

Maybe A$AP Rocky is like “Ballers” in the sense I know what I’m watching when I get into it. This is not a whole bunch of deep social commentary. It’s not — we’re not gonna go too deep. It’s basically, this is fun for the male audience. This is the male soap opera. When I listen to his music, it’s just pure, it’s just fun s—. And he can actually rap, which is a good thing. A$AP, he do got bars.

So for me, it’s something like, I know what I’m getting when I go into it. I already know what it is. It’s just straight up party music that me and my boys, if you gon’ turn up, you can turn up to it, and we just walk around and it’s supermodels on f—ing cocaine and this is the soundtrack to that. A$AP Rocky is “Ballers.”

Outkast | “Good Times”

Outkast is “Good Times” in the sense that it is a pretty much a universally loved black show, ya know what I’m sayin’? And it really gave you a look into black life.

I’m even watching “Good Times” now, and I be like, “G–d—!” Like, they were putting this s— out — this was in the ’70s! They was doing some pretty raw s—, you know what I’m sayin’? I’m like, “g–d—, did they put this s— on TV? It had to be a white man doing this. They wouldn’t let black people put this s— on TV. I’m still traumatized when Penny — young Janet Jackson — when her mama unplugs the iron and starts walking toward her about to burn her with the f—ing iron? Man, that f—ed me up as a kid! I was like, “Oh my god! She had the iron on the high linen setting and s— too!” Like, bruh. That was traumatizing as a kid. That s— f—ed me up. But I think that’s what a great artist is supposed to do. It’s supposed to f— you up, you know what I mean? So, Outkast has made several albums that have f—ed me up. I just listen to the s— and I’m like, “g–d—, how did they come up with this s—?

And black people love Outkast. White people love ’em too, of course, but black folk will cut you over ‘Kast.

Drake | ?

Here, Phonte was finally stumped.

“What show is Drake? Oh my God. S—. I’m trying to think,” he said. “Aw, man. Damn, I’m really stumped. What show is Drake? I’m trying to go through my list of networks, AMC, HBO. Motherf—! What show is Drake? What show is Drake? I’m really trying to think and s—. I think you may have stumped me with this one. I’m trying to think of a show that’s a mixture of a bunch of other shows. Aaaaaah! I could do this if I watched more TV. F—! What is a show that’s a big show, that’s a mixture of a bunch of other shows? … I honestly can’t think of one. S—, I don’t know man. I can’t call it.”

There you have it folks. Outkast is “Good Times.” Tyler, the Creator is “The Eric Andre Show,” and A$AP Rocky is “Ballers.” But for now, the jury is still out on Drizzy.

“Even Jordan didn’t put up 60 every game,” Phonte said. “That’s gon’ f— with me though. I pride myself on knowing this s—.”

Any suggestions?