Where it all began. (Jason DeCrow/AP)

Oh, celebrities — always feuding, whether slamming each other during interviews or throwing passive aggressive shade via Twitter. It’s hard to keep track, so it’s always a relief when one officially ends for good: And as of Tuesday, that includes the epic feud between Taylor Swift and Kanye West.

No, really, it’s true: We have official word via Vanity Fair, which features Swift on the cover of the September issue. Swift confirms that, yes, she and West are pals now. Those rumors about them collaborating on music together could actually be real.

“I feel like I wasn’t ready to be friends with him until I felt like he had some sort of respect for me, and he wasn’t ready to be friends with me until he had some sort of respect for me,” Swift told writer Josh Duboff. “So it was the same issue, and we both reached the same place at the same time.”

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In case you’ve repressed the memory, Swift and West became enemies for life (or so we thought!) when the rapper jumped on stage in 2009 while she was accepting her MTV VMA Award for Best Female Video. He grabbed the microphone and uttered his infamous quote (“I’mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!”) and nothing would ever be the same.

Sure, there were multiple apologies: West said he was sorry on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” the following night, and there was his long Twitter spree the next year. Swift even sort of forgave him with her 2010 track, “Innocent,”  in which she acknowledged West was “32 and still growing up now.”

So how could they have possibly become friends through all of this angst? Jay Z, of course. Swift and Jay Z go way back, or at least all the way to her 25th birthday party last year, where he and Beyoncé joined in the fun and Instagram pictures.

“I became friends with Jay Z, and I think it was important, for Jay Z, for Kanye and I to get along.” Swift told Vanity Fair. “It started with both of us really liking Jay and wanting him to be happy.”

And presumably, Jay Z is now happy — even if it doesn’t sound like Swift and West are quite at #squad level yet.

“Kanye and I both reached a place where he would say really nice things about my music and what I’ve accomplished, and I could ask him how his kid’s doing,” Swift summed up.

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