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Here are those Trevor Noah jokes about AIDS/aides, Whitney Houston on ‘The Daily Show’

Trevor Noah on “The Daily Show.” (Mat Sayles/Invision/AP)

Trevor Noah’s “Daily Show” debut on Monday was pretty similar to Jon Stewart’s: A desk, a current events-themed monologue, correspondent bits, celebrity guest interview, etc.

Still, all eyes were on Noah — especially in the wake of people finding some controversial tweets that he wrote several years ago, which nearly derailed Comedy Central’s announcement of Noah as the new host back in March. So would he offend anyone with jokes during his premiere?

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These are the two most likely contenders; both happened as he was riffing about House Speaker John Boehner’s resignation.

First: “Boehner has final say about which laws come in and which laws don’t. He’s basically the bouncer at Club Congress, which is probably the worst club ever,” Noah said. “I mean, first of all, there’s hardly any women in the club. There’s always a bunch of old guys talking about laying pipe. Oh, and everyone at the club has aides.”

Crowd: “Ohhh.”

Noah: “Aides, the people that help you!”

While this AIDS/aides double meaning was already the plot of a “South Park” episode from 2002, some were still not impressed. Then came this joke:

“Even John Boehner, the man once ranked the eighth most conservative man in Congress wasn’t right wing enough,” Noah continued. “It’s like crack telling meth that it’s not addictive enough. ‘Yo, man, you got to step your game up, crystal, you make teeth fall out, big deal. I put down Whitney Houston.'”

Crowd: (pause) “Ohhh.”

“Too soon?” Noah asked, rhetorically.

Here's a look back at Trevor Noah's first time hosting "The Daily Show" in September 2015 and how other famous late-night comedians started their premiere episodes. (Video: Nicki DeMarco/The Washington Post)

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