Chris Rock will host the Oscar ceremony for a second time next February, bringing what is expected to be an edgier feel to Hollywood's biggest night. (Reuters)

It’s official: Chris Rock will host the 88th Academy Awards next year.

Rumors made the rounds yesterday that the film academy was offering the spot to the comedian, who previously hosted in 2005, the year “Million Dollar Baby” won Best Picture. ABC confirmed the news Wednesday morning.

[Chris Rock makes a Redskins joke during salute to Eddie Murphy]

“Chris may be best known as a stand-up comic, but we think of him as a creative innovator in many other ways. He is unafraid in his artistry,” film academy CEO Dawn Hudson said in the announcement. “We couldn’t be happier to welcome him back to the Oscars.”

Meanwhile, Rock offered one of the blandest statements we have ever seen in one of these press releases: “I’m so glad to be hosting the Oscars. It’s great to be back.”

Rock has been in the spotlight in the past year thanks to his well-reviewed comedy “Top Five,” in addition to several candid interviews about everything from Ferguson to the current state of “politically correct” comedy. He also directed Amy Schumer’s stand-up special that aired Saturday on HBO.

The Oscars air Feb. 28 on ABC.

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