Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have announced the name of their new baby son, who was born over the weekend. Probably because they’re tired of you making jokes about how he’s probably named South or Easton.

His name is Saint West. Kim announced the news on her app.

At first glance, an app (and simultaneous posting on her website) might seem like an unusual place for a pregnancy name announcement. However, it is actually fairly tame compared to the other places that the Kardashian-West family have announced breaking personal news. A round-up:

* Kim’s first pregnancy: During a Kanye concert.

Kanye proudly called Kim his “baby mama” while on stage in Atlantic City. Apparently everyone (including Kim) was surprised that he shared this news with the world.

* Kim’s second pregnancy: During the preview for the upcoming season of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

Not during the show. A preview for the show.

* The fact that they were dating: In a Kanye song.

Kanye confirmed the many rumors in early 2012 in his song “Theraflu” (also known as “Cold”) with the lyrics “I admit I fell in love with Kim.”

* Their engagement: E! News.

We consider E! News the Kardashian family newsletter (the network does air their many reality shows) and they didn’t disappoint with exclusive news of the Kardashian-West engagement in October 2013.

* Wedding photos: The covers of People and Us Weekly.

Come on. They’re not amateurs.

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