If you’ve had it with the Grinch and Tiny Tim, maybe it’s time to venture into the outer snowbanks of Christmas literature. Here, after extensive searching, are 12 overlooked holiday-theme titles that are like nothing else we’ve seen.

1. Buff Hitler Gets White Socks for Christmas, by Hastings Cavendish.

You’d think somebody who knows if you’ve been bad or good would know enough to skip this guy.

2. All I Want for Christmas: Beets, by Charles Eugene Anderson.

Clearly, the key to happiness during the holidays is low expectations.

3. Snowman With Benefits, by Marshall Thornton.

Frigid? Not a problem. (The carrot nose is oddly disturbing.)

4. The Last Christmas of Mrs. Claus, by Alex Wilson.

It’s beginning to look a lot like . . . Sarah Palin.

5. The Christmas Booger, by Kristi Calderone.

Yes, I picked it just for you.

6. Blame It on the Fruitcake, by Pat Henshaw.

Surely, the strangest variation of “It’s not a choice.”

7. My Favorite Christmas, by David Farland.

From this cover, I get the feeling that his favorite Christmas was the time he shot that older man.

8. Sketchy Santas: A Lighter Look at the Darker Side of St. Nick, by Will Zweigart.

Think “Awkward Family Photos” from the North Pole.

9. Never Buy Your Child a Noisy Toy: A Christmas Tale of Terror, by Edwin Shipley.

A story that takes “Silent Night” very seriously.

10. Jingle Bell Growl: A Billionaire BBW Grizzly Bear Shifter Christmas Romance, by Misha Carver.

The magic of Christmas takes a furry turn.

11. Outlaw Pizza: A Christmas Tale, by Steve Bartholomew.

Love the premise: “What would happen if gift-giving and Christmas were outlawed? For a couple of young desperadoes looking to make reputations, laws were meant to be broken . . . especially when they’re hungry for pizza.”


12. I’m Dreaming of an Undead Christmas, by Molly Harper.

Dream big, Molly.