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Kanye West had some, um, thoughts to share as he unloaded a barrage of tweets against Wiz Khalifa on Wednesday.

Many of those tweets have since been deleted — but not before “Kanye” and “Ye and Wiz” became top 10 trending topics and someone edited Wiz’s Wikipedia page to show he died from the Twitter assault.

The feud began when Kanye changed his upcoming album title from “Swish” to “Waves,” which Wiz Khalifa criticized as dishonoring Max B and the Wave movement. Kanye was not pleased with Wiz’s subtweets, so he struck back on Wednesday. Many of the tweets alluding to Amber Rose — Kanye’s ex-girlfriend and Wiz’s ex-wife — were just downright nasty. (Rose has since responded with a comeback of her own, but it violates The Post’s language guidelines.) Kanye also issued warnings against speaking about his family and trashed Wiz’s music.

But we captured many of his other thoughts and sorted them into categories to help you make sense of it all.

Kanye tweets you can use in everyday conversation



Thoughts on pants



Best claims to fame



Odd deductive reasoning



The pangs of regret kick in


Wait… were you just being sarcastic? Dang.

Guided meditation mantras

Oh yeah, and about that album…

Abby Ohlheiser contributed to this post.