The product: Bud Light

The premise: Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen are forming the Bud Light Party because this is an election year and America loves beer. For the record, America also loves Paul Rudd, who makes a cameo. (Did Judd Apatow direct this commercial?)

The punchline: "Wait till you see our caucus," Schumer says. "We got the biggest caucus in the country!" Rogen adds. "But it's not, like, too big. Like, you can handle it," Schumer says in her trademark deadpan. Rogen weighs in with a bunch of lines from "Independence Day" — which incidentally has a sequel hitting films this summer — before the duo teams up to proclaim that "America has seen the Light and there's a Bud in front of it." (If you're thirsty for even more cameos, check out this 30-second teaser, which features Ronda Rousey as security for the Bud Light Party.)

The verdict: Everyone does love Paul Rudd. And this commercial is pretty great, too, even if the caucus joke is a pretty obvious one.

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