The product: Doritos

The premise: Three scrappy dogs really want some Doritos. They try a number of schemes to get into a grocery store, including hitching a ride underneath carts and distracting the manager. But nothing works.

The punchline: …Until they pull a stunt straight out of a cartoon: standing on each other's shoulders, wearing a coat and a hat, and posing as a human to finally purchase their Doritos. The checkout clerk's puzzled reaction is worth a chuckle. But the commercial stops short of answering our other questions, including: How will these dogs pay for their Doritos? And, lacking opposable thumbs, how will they get their Doritos out of the store?

The verdict: This feels like a commercial that's been done a hundred times before. It may not be original, but at least it's not as gross as Doritos' other winner.

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