Poor Coldplay never had a chance. It was one thing when Beyoncé was announced as a “guest star” to join the band in the Super Bowl halftime show — but throw in the fact that she dropped a surprise single and music video on Saturday, and Chris Martin was destined to play runner-up. Here are five ways Coldplay was completely overshadowed at its own halftime show:

1) “Formation.”

Again, Beyoncé pulled a Beyoncé over the weekend and debuted an explosive new single, “Formation,” with no warning at all. While Coldplay kicked things off with “Viva La Vida,” “Paradise” and a colorfully psychedelic set for “Adventure of a Lifetime,” it was no match for the shot of energy when Queen Bey appeared on the field and immediately launched into her new song with a crew of back-up dancers.

Right after halftime, a brief commercial aired for Beyoncé new world tour. In Live Nation’s announcement, it stated she’s also setting up a fund to benefit children affected by the Flint water crisis.

2) Beyoncé and Bruno Mars had a dance battle.

Mars, another “special guest” and former halftime show headliner, lit up the stage with “Uptown Funk.” When Beyoncé finished with her song, the two of them met on stage for an epic dance-off. It was mesmerizing.

3) An awesome montage of former Super Bowl halftime performances.

It was great to see scenes of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney and Katy Perry, which played in a montage while Chris Martin played “Fix You” on a piano. Of course, it just sounded like background music and completely distracted from the fact that Coldplay was actually performing on stage.

4) The finale.

Finally, Martin, Mars and Beyonce joined together for a chorus of Coldplay’s “Up & Up” during the last moments of the halftime show — though Twitter knew who everyone was really excited to see.

5) This inadvertently hilarious Taraji P. Henson tweet.

Hmm…Maroon 5? There’s nothing Twitter loves more than an identity mix-up — when it’s between two much-mocked bands, well, that’s even better.

Soon, Henson deleted the tweet and added this one:

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