The PSA:

The premise: A girl is texting her friend from a Super Bowl party, and trying to get her to come join their friends. "Don't think it's a good idea," texts the girl. "Is something going on?" her friend asks. "Jake is in one of his moods. I should prob not go out," she replies. "Are you OK?" the friend asks. Then we see the iChat typing bubble appear and disappear, and appear again. "There are many signs of domestic violence and assault," says the PSA, reminding us to watch and listen for them.

The verdict: No More is the anti-domestic violence organization that partnered with the NFL after a series of high-profile domestic violence cases brought negative publicity to the league in 2014. A hallmark of their PSAs is the subtlety of domestic violence, which is re-emphasized in this spot — though not as masterfully as last year's haunting ad about a woman calling 911 to order a pizza and covertly report her partner's abuse.

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