The product: Toyota Prius

The premise: Four guys, who happened to star in "The Wire," rob a bank and get away with it… in a (surprisingly fast) Toyota Prius.

The punchline: Everyone (including the police and news media) are more enthralled with the fact that these guys are in a Prius than the fact that they just committed a crime. Equally nonplussed are the criminals: "We should get some flowers for the car," Pablo Schreiber says when an accomplice points out a farmer's market.

The verdict: It's hard to miss the O.J. Simpson parallels in this commercial ("it's a chase that some are calling the chase of the century," a news anchor says), which happens to star "The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story" actor Chris Bauer. There are, of course, more cynical ways to interpret this commercial, as many did on social media. It's attention-grabbing for sure, but maybe not the attention Prius was hoping for.

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