The product: Prius

The premise: A milquetoast, middle-America kind of guy named Todd makes a sandwich, kisses his cat and starts his commute with a rockin' anthem to his Prius.

The punchline: But he knows he's not really a bad a–. His anthem is "Heck on Wheels," a tame paean to hitting the road in his Prius: "It's hybrid mayhem / on the road / it goes a bunch of friggin' miles with so little gas." There are good gags here, like the poodle lady's hair matching her dog and Todd's refusal to swear — that mother-trucker "just don't give a dang!"

The verdict: Viewers love it when brands have the guts to show self-awareness about their reputations — remember last year's "The '80s called" Radio Shack commercial? Prius fills that slot this year, with this gentle ribbing of its own eco-conscious, mild-mannered image. We are all Todd.

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