Steve Harvey is not at fault this time in T-Mobile's Super Bowl ad. (T-Mobile)

The product: T-Mobile

The premise: Steve Harvey, fresh off of his big Miss Universe blunder — if you weren’t paying attention, he misread the card and announced the wrong winner — has something else to apologize for.

The punchline: Except this time “it says right here on the card — T-Mobile doubled their LTE coverage in the last year,” says Harvey, which gives the company more towers than Verizon. He’s standing behind an elaborate backdrop of balls — but this time, he’s not the one who dropped the ball. “I’m not taking responsibility on this one! Nuh-uh, Verizon got it wrong!”

The verdict: In the vein of last year’s Kim Kardashian commercial, T-Mobile continues its grand tradition of inviting celebrities to make fun of themselves.

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