The product: Subaru

The premise: So this is what happens when the players from the Puppy Bowl grow up and get a job and take on some real responsibilities. A golden retriever (awww!) is driving around in her Subaru, and she checks the rearview mirror.  There we see a puppy (awwww!) strapped into a car seat in the back. Slowly the puppy drifts off to sleep. The golden retriever, who is a very good driver, pulls the car into its suburban home, and stops the car and…

The punchline: The puppy wakes up. The golden retriever backs out of the driveway again — turns out she was employing a common mom trick, driving around to get her kid to sleep. The tagline is a play on the famous Kix cereal slogan: "Dog tested. Dog approved."

The verdict: We love this for the same reasons we love the Puppy Bowl: There's nothing cuter than dogs doing people things.

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