The product: The full arsenal of hypermasculine grooming products by Axe

The premise: "C'mon, a six-pack?" asks Axe, purveyor of men's lotions and body sprays that once based its entire sleazy image on overscented bros with six-packs objectifying bikini-clad babes. But Axe has turned a new leaf, beginning with last year's "Make Love, Not War" commercial. This year, they've gone a step further, shutting down the stereotype of the muscleman lady killer. Axe is urging men to do you — find the thing that makes you unique and flaunt it, whether it's an unusual sense of style, a prominent nose, or, in the case of one man, a pair of high heels at a vogue-ing competition.

The punchline: There isn't one, but there is something unexpected: The aggressively hetero company has included gay and genderqueer men in its marketing campaign for the first time. The vogue-ing man is fierce in those heels and, in another scene, two nerdy guys lock eyes at a bookstore. They also acknowledge other types of masculinity, like a bushy-bearded guy who loves his kittens, or a man dancing in a wheelchair.

The verdict: Inclusivity smells good, Axe.

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