In the age of the viral video, the bar for a laugh-out-loud Super Bowl commercial is higher than ever. These passed the test.

Avocados from Mexico: "#AvosInSpace"

So much to love in this tour through a future Earth museum — the reference to The Dress, the fantastic renderings of aliens, Scott Bai0 (Scott Baio!) — but one of the things that made us laugh the most was the throwaway line about how Earthlings have Chia Pets, "Just like we do," the tour guide deadpans.

Prius: "Heck on Wheels"

In this teaser ad, a milquetoast guy named Todd makes a sandwich, kisses his cat and starts his commute with a rockin' anthem to his Prius — but, like his car, he's not much of a bada–. This gives us "Heck on Wheels," which milks Todd's refusal to swear for laughs — that mother-trucker "just don't give a dang!" It gets a little iffy when he sees cops in his rearview mirror and they blithely pass him by — a common, and tone-deaf theme in Prius commercials this year — but Todd's guy gone mild act made us laugh nevertheless.

Toyota teases its Super Bowl ad with a musical montage. (Toyota)

Turbo Tax: "Never a Sellout"

If the notion of Sir Anthony Hopkins endorsing a product terrifies you, rest easy, Clarice, he's not selling you anything. As he reminds us in this commercial, it's free to file our taxes with Turbo Tax's Absolute Zero. But that's not what makes this ad one of our funniest picks — it's seeing the knighted actor drink out of a Turbo Tax-branded teacup, warm his feet in bright blueTurbo Tax slippers and snuggle with his puppy, named (what else?)

Anthony Hopkins shells for TurboTax without actually selling out in the company's Super Bowl ad. (Intuit)

T-Mobile: "Restricted Bling"

This commercial was funny even before these cell phone phone executives invited themselves into Drake's "Hotline Bling" music video to emulate his awkward, but self-assured dancing.  Dance like no one is watching!

T-Mobile argues that carriers can ruin everything, even Drake's "Hotline Bling," in the company's Super Bowl ad. (T-Mobile)

Squarespace: "Successes"

Key and Peele play Lee and Morris — two woefully unqualified, but determined sportscasters in this ad for Squarespace, which powers their "dope website." It's goofy, but lovable — classic fare from the comedy duo.

Comedians Key and Peele bask in their "successes" in Squarespace's Super Bowl ad. (Squarespace)

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