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The worst commercials of Super Bowl 50

These are the commercials that got Super Bowl viewers talking — but not in a good way. And some of them weren’t particularly good to watch over nachos.


Marmot's first Super Bowl ad reiterates the company's love for the outdoors. (Video: Marmot)

We can’t think of a reason sporting and clothing goods outfitter Marmot, of all companies, would need to get controversial in its Super Bowl ad. But this commercial, about a man and a marmot exploring the great outdoors together, took a turn for the worse when the man leans in for a kiss. The marmot, as the extended version of this ad makes clear, is a dude, and “not that kind of marmot.” That makes this entire commercial one long “no homo” joke, with an extra little sprinkle of implied bestiality. Why did you go there, Marmot?


The Toyota Prius escapes a police chase in the company's Super Bowl ad. (Video: Toyota)

The Prius was supposed to be the focus of this Toyota’s Super Bowl ad, but some social media users found the ad’s cavalier approach to a police chase a bit tone-deaf in the context of current events. Four white guys (fun fact: All played by actors from “The Wire,” a show that understands race) rob a bank and lead the police on a wild chase — with shades of O.J. Simpson — except everyone is more enthralled with the fact that they’re in a Prius than the multiple crimes they’ve committed.


When this gold chain-wearing guy introduces himself as a horse whisperer (“Fancy prance, yo!”) we raised an eyebrow. There’s a borderline offensive joke going on here about a white guy who is heavily influenced by hip-hop (or at least thinks he is). Or maybe it’s just dumb — we can’t decide.

Bai makes his Super Bowl ad debut with two things that don't make sense. (Video: Bai)


The mascot for this medication, prescribed to treat diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome, is a little pink bundle of intestines. Don’t think about what his mouth is.


What, you thought you’d make it through Super Bowl 50 without seeing a toenail fungus commercial?  For what it’s worth this year’s spot featured three celebrated retired NFL players: Deion Sanders, Howie Long and Phil Simms.

An ad for Jublia, a toenail fungus medicine, features Deion Sanders, Howie Long and Phil Simms. (Video: Valeant)

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