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You too can look like a Kardashian with Balmain’s hourglass shapes for fall 2016

One in a series on the clothes that had a big moment at Paris Fashion Week.

PARIS –It was all about the bottom half at Balmain. The hips. The tush, the derriere, the money-maker.

Amidst the lavish architecture of a hotel particulier Thursday, designer Olivier Rousteing showed off a fall 2016 collection filled with lavishly structured skirts in pale pink jacquard, pine-green lattice work, pale pink ruffles and gray feathers. The skirts fit snugly around the waist, which was often accented with a wide gold metallic belt or encased in a corset. The skirts’ lines curved out from the hips — far, far from the hips — and then turned inward at the hem.

Sometimes the skirts were smooth like a hip-skimming shell. Sometimes Rousteing used ruffles or feathers to bulk up the bottom.

The skirts were barely longer than fingertip length. But showing off the legs wasn’t the point. For leg emphasis, there were sheer lace trousers striped with a waterfall of ruffles.

The skirts celebrated the roundness of the hips, the curve of the rear end — the sheer magnificence of a perfectly round, high booty. They reveled in the glory of a Kardashian-caliber butt.

Which came first? Rousteing’s friendship with the reality TV clan — he dressed them all in an explosion of pink finery for the Yeezy Season 3 show — or his love affair with a woman’s backside? Whichever it may be, fashion is the beneficiary of the tush-endowed family’s influence.

[At Balmain those aren’t clothes on the runway, they’re a social media moment]

Rousteing created a collection that encouraged a woman to get comfortable with her hourglass proportions and then rewarded her with a look-at-me, extravagance of glitter, shoulder pads, ruffles and tassels. That’s right. Tassels.

At the show, there were many places for one’s eyes to land — including on Kanye West who made his way to his seat via a back entrance. But make no mistake, this was not a man sneaking in under cover of dim lighting. He was wearing what appeared to be the same attention-grabbing, pearl-bedazzled Balmain jacket from his “Saturday Night Live” performance.

But even West — or the electrified chamber orchestra providing music for the show — couldn’t distract from the main event: The butt.


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