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‘Inside Amy Schumer’ premiere skewers men making decisions about women’s health

Amy Schumer. (Washington Post illustration; Comedy Central)

Amy Schumer is known for skewering how groups of men make decisions about women’s health (see: her famous birth control sketch) and the fourth season premiere of Comedy Central’s “Inside Amy Schumer” was no exception.

Amy Schumer is super famous now. How will that affect her Comedy Central show?

Schumer, who has become a bonafide movie star since the last season of her show, included a skit in Thursday’s episode about the fake “House Committee on Women’s Health.” Basically, a bunch of old congressmen crashed her gynecologist’s appointment to ask questions such as “What was the date of your last lady curse?” and say “ew!” in regards to pap smears and cervical cancer. Plus, exchanges like this:

Congressman #1: “It says here you’re 34. How many children do you have?”
Schumer: “None.”
Congressman #1: “But it says here you’re 34.”
Schumer: “Correct.”
Congressman #2: “Are you sexually active?”
Schumer: “Yeah.”

They also expressed shock that although she wasn’t married, yes, she was still sexually active. “How many men have you laid with in the last year?!” one demanded, disgusted when she answered “three.”

“Don’t two of you have secret families with your maids?” Schumer pointed out.

“We’re not the ones on trial here!” another yelled.

Eventually, they instructed her to put her feet in the stirrups and face even more congressmen staring at her through a window. “I’d feel a lot more comfortable with a woman here,” Schumer said. “Aren’t there any women on the women’s health committee?”

“That’d be like letting the lions run the zoo!” one man chortled. End scene, with another Schumer sketch primed to go viral.

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