If you found Joseph Gordon-Levitt's French accent distracting in "The Walk," wait until you hear his Edward Snowden impersonation. The first official trailer for Oliver Stone's "Snowden" just hit the internet giving us a fuller look at how the director is portraying the government contractor turned whistle-blower turned asylum seeker.

The answer: heroic, brilliant and crafty. The trailer shows Snowden trying to make it in the military before being cut loose after breaking both legs. "There are plenty of other ways to serve your country," a doctor tells him. So he sets his sights on working for the CIA instead — a process that sees him acing a five-hour test in 38 minutes.

Of course, we all know what happened next. Disillusioned by a government that spies on its people, Snowden released a boatload of documents to journalists, then jetted overseas to evade arrest. In Hollywood terms, that means plenty of suspenseful music and nail-biting near misses. Watch for yourself: