You know one when you see one. "Saturday Night Live" describes it as "soft waterfall in the front, knives in the back." Or "curtains in front, Iron Throne in back."

We're pretty sure hairdressers everywhere call it "The Mom Cut."

In its episode on the eve of Mother's Day, SNL took time to celebrate moms by making fun of their hair. The premise of the sketch is a baby shower, where host Brie Larson is learning what it really means to be a mom. Her due date is July 14, but that's not when motherhood begins, her guests say. It happens when her long, luscious locks are chopped.

"You know, the haircut that all moms have," Cecily Strong says.

"The one that looks like you're going to a formal event, but on the way you were struck by lightning," Kate McKinnon chips in.

Of course, every woman in the wallpapered room is wearing The Cut.

The skit hits home when each woman tells her story of knowing when it was time to cave to "the scared dinosaur from 'Jurassic Park'" look.

Like when one mom left a wedding early and stole a centerpiece on her way out. Or found herself in the parking lot of a Marshalls/HomeGoods holding a rustic sign that just said "Home." When sleeveless shirts sprout cap sleeves and when your bathroom is suddenly filled with lighthouses.

"No one wants The Cut," they warn. "The Cut chooses you."

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