Comedian Jon Stewart may soon have a platform to make us laugh — or cry — at the news once again.

At the Television Critics Association tour in Los Angeles on Saturday, HBO President Casey Bloys announced that the former "Daily Show" host plans to launch an animated parody of cable news this fall. The project will include what Bloys called an online "Onion-like portal" where animated videos about breaking news stories are posted daily, possibly several times throughout the day. The videos will probably be repackaged later into a half-hour show on the cable channel. "It allows him to comment, real time, on what's happening during the day's news events," Bloys said.

Stewart, who returned to late-night television recently to deliver a blistering critique of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, is working with Otoy, a 3-D graphics company, to produce the simple, computer-animated shorts. Bloys said HBO hopes to debut Stewart's new project by September or October.

Of course, given Stewart's reluctance to stay retired, he would probably like to get rolling sooner rather than later while the election season still offers a harvest of ripe comedic material.