On Friday, the gossip and entertainment website TMZ released a short video that appears to show actor Johnny Depp engaged in a loud and at times out-of-control argument with his wife, Amber Heard.

The couple, who met in 2009 on the set of "The Rum Diary" and were married in February 2015, are in the midst of divorce proceedings, in which Heard alleges that Depp physically abused her. On Tuesday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Carl H. Moora postponed a hearing on those allegations until Aug. 17.

According to TMZ, Heard, 30, has denied leaking the 1-minute, 37-second clip, which looks like it was shot with a cellphone camera in the couple's kitchen. In the video, the 53-year-old Depp can be seen slamming and kicking cabinets and swearing before noticing that he is being filmed and then trying to grab the recording device away from Heard.

In the latest volley from the he-said, she-said war, Depp's camp has described the video as "heavily edited," according to the gossip site, which dates the clip to "months" before the May 21 episode in which Heard claimed Depp hit her. Questions remain about the admissibility of the video in a California court, which requires two-party consent for the use of recorded confidential communications.