Breaking Nelly news, guys. (It's not often you get to write that sentence in 2016.)

Following a TMZ report this week that the IRS hit the St. Louis rapper with giant tax lien, fans streamed his music nonstop to help boost his royalty payments and dig him out of debt.

And boy, did they stream. The campaign to #SaveNelly, which inspired a "Hot In Herre" streaming party, boosted his Spotify plays tremendously. Streams of Nelly songs during peak hours tripled this week when compared to last, according to the company.

The streaming service said Nelly had close to a 200 percent increase on Tuesday and Wednesday at 3 p.m., compared to those times on Sept. 6 and 7.

While a spokesman for Spotify said the company doesn't release the actual number of streams, the app's interface does show notable increases in streams for "Hot In Herre," jumping by 328,875 plays from Wednesday to Thursday.

The idea to stream Nelly songs to pay off that reported $2.4 million tax lien came from Spin's Brian Josephs, who explained its genesis for PostEverything:

Over at SPIN, we hatched a harebrained scheme: to determine how many times Nelly's "Hot in Herre" would need to be streamed on Spotify to pay off the debt. After some iPhone calculator mathematics, SPIN tweeted the answer: "Nelly Needs At Least 287,176,547 "Hot In Herre" Streams to Pay Off His IRS Debt." Black Twitter picked it up, and Nellyville was repopulated once more.