Jordan Peele, right, and Keegan-Michael Key as President Obama and Luther, his anger translator. (Comedy Central)

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have moved on since wrapping up their final season of “Key and Peele” on Comedy Central. In 2016, the pair headlined the action-comedy “Keanu,” Key starred in one of the most charming comedies of the year, “Don’t Think Twice,” and Peele put the finishing touches on his directorial debut, the timely horror movie “Get Out,” which opens next month.

But the duo had some loose ends they had to tie up before President Obama left office. Just about every liberal with a Twitter account had been demanding that the comedians reprise one of their most popular bits: Luther, Obama’s anger translator, capable of explaining what the president is really thinking behind his placid facade. The character was so renowned, he even made a cameo during (the real) President Obama’s speech at the 2015 White House correspondents’ dinner.

If the pair was going to bring back the character, their old home of Comedy Central was just the place to do it, so last night, they visited Trevor Noah on “The Daily Show” for one final hurrah.

As President-elect Donald Trump denies reports that Russia has compromising information on him, late-night hosts Seth Meyers, Conan O'Brien and others chime in. (The Washington Post)

In the bit, Peele played Obama as he delivered his farewell address to the American people. Luther (Key) stood nearby trying to hold it together as the president promised that Luther would be on his best behavior, which was “crucial to healing the divide in this country.”

“Be chill, Luther,” the anger translator told himself. “Go against every natural instinct in your body.”

Of course, it didn’t take long for Luther’s signature tantrum to begin, starting with him screaming “TRUMP!” and promising, “This is how the Hunger Games starts.”

He aired a lot of rage over a range of subjects from Vladimir Putin (“a naked ruski on horseback gonna be running the show”) to the electoral college to immigration reform. “New policy: The only good immigrant is a smokin’ hot white one,” Luther said.

“Who plagiarizes speeches,” Obama added conspiratorially in a rare dig.

The speech ended with Luther reading Obama’s expletive-centric letter to the new president before wishing the country well in the only way he knows how.

“Good luck with health care, a‑‑holes,” he said.

You can watch the full clip at Comedy Central.

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