Aspiring reality-TV contestants do not always think logically — there is always at least one person who thinks: “The producers could never make me into a villain. I’m too nice!”

That is incorrect. The magical power of editing means that the producers can turn you into whatever they want. They may be guiding you behind the camera, but they are not your friends. They are here to make entertaining television. And there always has to be a villain.

Enter Corinne, a 24-year-old Miami resident who is on her way to becoming the contestant everyone loves to hate — or just hates — on this season of “The Bachelor.” She appears to thrive on causing drama. (Then again, being the least-liked contestant can be almost as lucrative as being the winner: Just ask New York Times best-selling author Courtney Robertson, who parlayed her infamous “Bachelor” journey into a book deal.)

On Monday night, Corinne officially solidified her “Bachelor” villain status, which geared up in last week’s premiere, when she was the first person to make out with bachelor Nick Viall. It continued when she pulled off her bikini top in front of everyone on Monday’s episode and monopolized Nick’s time so much that the first hour was essentially “The Corinne Show.”

So how did she become a “Bachelor” villain so quickly? Here’s a step-by-step guide to the process, which happens regularly with one contestant every season:

1. Have a crazy introduction.

Producers gave Corinne the video profile treatment on the premiere, signaling she was one to watch. “Hi, I’m Corinne,” she said in her video intro, clad in a white bikini as she floated on a raft in a pool. “Corinne’s world is glamorous,” she said, switching into third person as she walked through a fountain overlooking the ocean.

Corinne revealed that she lives with her family — and relies on her nanny, Raquel. Yes, she’s a 24-year-old with a nanny. “Even if I moved out, I would have Raquel come to my house,” Corinne said as Raquel dutifully brought her a bowl of cucumber slices.

Then, Corinne explained that she runs a “multimillion dollar company,” and even though her dad started the business, she is taking over. “I will describe myself as a very serious businesswoman,” Corinne said. “But true love has just been so difficult. … I just know [Nick] and I will be so great together. I think our kids would be really cute.”

2. Be aggressive.

This is a surefire way to make the less-confident contestants despise you, and Corinne accomplished this easily in the premiere. “I kind of had the urge to kiss Nick, I think he’s so dreamy and cute, and I wanted to kiss him so bad!” she said. Even though it’s not “Bachelor” etiquette to make out on the first night, she “stole” Nick away while he was talking to another contestant and told him, “I didn’t get to do something that I wanted to do earlier.”

Cue the dramatic/scary music as she leaned in for the kiss. “Corinne’s a bit of a firecracker,” said Nick, who was an eager participant. “Being the first to plant a kiss on me — it’s a strong move. I didn’t feel too comfortable. … I honestly hope no women saw us kiss.”

Obviously, cameras showed a group of contestants scrambling to watch them and making comments such as, “It’s a little much” and “Damn, people making out already?” Another dubbed it “a little rude,” considering that Nick left 29 women waiting.

3. Brag about your connection with the bachelor. 

If Corinne’s fellow cast members weren’t pleased when she kissed Nick, they really weren’t thrilled when she boasted about it to the group. “It’s a really bold move to kiss somebody on the first night,” Josephine said at the end of the premiere, which featured Corinne receiving a rose along with 21 other women. “People have immediately placed a target on her back.”

4. Double down on the aggression.

In Monday’s episode, Corinne didn’t waste any time when she landed a spot on the group date that had Nick posing for various wedding photo shoots with the contestants dressed as brides. Corinne’s theme was “beach wedding,” so she wore a bikini top. “I’m definitely the hottest bride. Nick is going to love it,” she bragged.

But Corinne was upset when another contestant, Brittany, was assigned to only wear bikini bottoms for her photo shoot, with long hair strategically covering the rest of her body. “I feel like she looks so cute in that topless outfit,” Corinne complained. “She better not steal my thunder, or I will literally punch her in the face.”

Instead of resorting to violence, when Corinne and Nick posed for the camera in the pool, she took off his shirt and untied her bikini top, posing naked. The other contestants gaped in horror. The photographer loved it and proclaimed Corinne the winner of the group date. “Honestly, the other girls are jealous because Nick and I have chemistry,” Corinne explained as the contestants glowered. “I actually was daring enough to have clothes and take them off.”

5. Antagonize the other contestants.

Corinne is really not here to make friends. During the second part of the group date, Corinne repeatedly interrupted to “borrow” Nick when he was talking with other women. In other words, she knows how to play the game. “You’re very sexy, and I love how you take the initiative,” Nick gushed when they came up for air between make-out sessions.

The other contestants were furious, given that Corinne already had significant time with Nick. “If you can’t handle being interrupted, why did you come here?” she asked her castmates when they complained. She reminded them they were on a reality show: “It’s gonna get uncomfortable. It’s gonna get crazy. It’s gonna get weird. But you have to get used to this. … We’re here for one reason, and that’s Nick. And you have to go and do what’s good for you. No matter how it makes other people feel, you have to be there for yourself.”

6. Actually succeed on the show.

Nick gave Corinne the date rose, ensuring that she won’t go home for another week. The other women were horrified.

“It makes me question whether Nick is looking to just have a good time, or is he actually really serious about finding a wife?” Vanessa asked suspiciously.

“If Nick likes someone who is just leading with their sexuality, no wonder it’s his fourth time [on the show],” Raven said, sadly. “That’s really mean, but it’s true.”

Meanwhile, Corinne couldn’t stop gloating about her victory: “Dad would be proud, even though I was naked.”

7. Have a dynamic catchphrase. 

Corinne is a reality-show sound-bite machine: A preview for the rest of the season shows Corinne sneaking into Nick’s room after hours, which is technically forbidden. “My sex abilities are definitely top-notch … so tonight I’m going to go see Nick, and I’m going to have sex with him,” she tells the camera. “My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum.”

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