Seth Meyers has been on a roll with political commentary lately. But the “Late Night” host took a break from analyzing President Trump’s first days in office to poke a little fun at the Academy Awards, airing Sunday on ABC.

In a skit dubbed “Oscar Bait,” Meyers is the star of an obscure film “shamelessly timed for awards season.” It’s got everything a best picture nominee needs, including, the announcer tells us, “racial tension, latent homosexuality and a man staring at trains.”

The faux trailer also features a pretty entertaining scene that finds Meyers having a meltdown in (and around) a silver hatchback.

The announcer promises that ” ‘Oscar Bait’ is the film everyone will tell you to see, but you’ll never quite get around to it.”

That doesn’t seem too far off considering a recent poll commissioned by the Hollywood Reporter found that 60 percent of Americans are unable to name a single best picture nominee. That’s right — not even the controversial “La La Land.”