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Obama went to a Broadway show and all he got was this awkward photo with Danny DeVito

When Mike Pence took in the Broadway show “Hamilton,” he received a personal message from the cast, hopeful their show had inspired the then-vice president-elect to uphold “our inalienable rights” and “to work on behalf of all of us.” The video rocketed around the world, making international headlines.

When Hillary Clinton nabbed a seat at the last showing of “The Color Purple,” the Broadway crowd gave her three standing ovations — recognition for her hard-fought but unsuccessful campaign to be the nation’s first female president.

And when former president Barack Obama slipped into a showing Friday of Arthur Miller’s “The Price,” a month removed from being the leader of the free world, he received, well, a group photo (an usie) that included the guy who played the Penguin in “Batman Returns” — Danny DeVito.

In Obama’s defense, the play’s lead actor, Mark Ruffalo, was there too, though he didn’t muster much of a smile. As were co-stars Tony Shalhoub and Jessica Hecht. Oh, and there was also former first daughter Malia.

This weekend, Obama continued having a better vacation than you’ll ever have. After grabbing dinner at an Italian restaurant and getting coffee to a standing ovation, he and his elder daughter took in the Broadway revival of the 1968 classic.

Former President Barack Obama went kitesurfing with Virgin Group founder Richard Branson while on vacation. (Video: Jack Brockway/

Apparently, Obama has decided to supplant strolls on sandy beaches and kite surfing with a little culture.

The Obamas continued their low-profile post-presidency, sliding into the show after the house lights were down. A New York Times description of the affair made it seem vaguely like a jewelry heist:

“Shortly after the lights went down … there was a blur, and the brief shining of a flashlight,” it read. And later a “woman sitting nearby let out a small yelp.”

The perfect meme for the ‘alternative facts’ era: #seanspicersays

The Obamas and former presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett went backstage just before intermission and posed for photos with the cast — that’s where they got the usies, with Obama’s hand grazing DeVito’s shoulder. At the end, according to the Times, they joined the crowd in a standing ovation, the first time many in the audience realized the guy who used to be the leader of the free world was there.

It’s of little surprise that the Obamas ended up on Broadway on a Friday night. While in office, they hosted multiple events at the White House featuring Broadway stars. And according to the Associated Press, the family was a big booster of “Hamilton,” “A Raisin in the Sun” and “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone” and were regular sights on Broadway.

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