Note: This post contains spoilers from the film “Get Out.” 

For the Internet, Jordan Peele’s satirical horror film “Get Out” is the gift that keeps on giving.

Since the film’s box-office-topping debut weekend beginning Feb. 24, fans have mined countless memes from the psychological thriller. “Get Out” follows Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), a black man, as he accompanies his white girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams), to her family’s sprawling estate, where he meets her parents for the first time. The premise, infused with commentary about institutional racism and being black in predominantly white spaces, has yielded Internet gems mocking everything from the best picture mix-up at the Oscars to recent gaffes by members of President Trump’s administration. Even Peele, who wrote and directed the film, has been getting in on the action.

We’ve rounded up some of the funniest, most clever “Get Out”-inspired memes. These will make the most sense to people who have seen the film, so be warned that there are some spoilers below. (And if you haven’t yet seen “Get Out,” make sure you do so while it’s still in theaters, which is a singular experience.)

Peele tweeted this after Ben Carson’s dubious comments likening slaves to immigrants. The Sunken Place refers to a pivotal moment in the film when Rose’s psychiatrist mother, Missy (Catherine Keener), hypnotizes Chris, largely against his will. As a metaphor, the Sunken Place offers a lot to unpack about racism and its effects over time, but basically it’s a horrifying place to be. The director tweeted this after the Oscars:

Missy uses a spoon and tea cup to hypnotize Chris, so it’s just too soon to happen upon someone casually stirring tea.

As with Ben Carson, it’s been suggested that other black notables have been sent to the Sunken Place. Kanye West’s name has come up quite a bit. Artist Jamar Logan made a visual supporting the theory.

“Get Out” is not a condemnation of interracial dating, but jokes like this were inevitable.

One of the film’s earliest jump-scares finds Chris getting some fresh air outside Rose’s house when the groundskeeper Walter comes sprinting toward him so fast it appears he might run directly into him. Instead, he takes a very sharp turn to the right. The Internet has added some extra flair to the scene:

This time, with stairs:

After the film’s twist is revealed, Rose is seen in her bedroom, casually eating Froot Loops, while sipping milk through a straw and listening to “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life.” On her computer is an Internet search for NCAA prospects. It has inspired comedic gems like this:

And this:

When Chris does finally get out (heh), he gets an assist from his friend Rod (Lil Rel Howery), a Transportation Security Administration officer who knew there was something suspicious about Rose and her family. Rod is now an Internet hero.

Earlier this week, comedy website Funny or Die created a parody video dubbed “Get Out (of the White House),” which combines a lot of the memes to hilarious effect.