In the pantheon of “Wheel of Fortune” fails, one contestant’s missed answer Tuesday night was pretty epic.

With two blank spaces remaining, a player named Kevin guessed “C,” leaving him with the following puzzle:

A   S T R E E T C A R   N A _ E D   D E S I R E

Kevin chose to spin the wheel again, narrowly avoiding a “Bankrupt” tile and landing on $600. It should have been his moment of glory.

Instead, he called out: “K!”

There was silence.

A gasp and some pained groans from the audience.

The jarring squawk of the buzzer.

Host Pat Sajak could only respond, after a brief pause, with a self-restrained “Nooo …”

Kevin’s mistake quickly went viral.

The next contestant, a woman named Lisa, capitalized on Kevin’s fail and solved the puzzle — which spelled, of course, “A Streetcar Named Desire,” the 1947 Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Tennessee Williams.

As the camera pulled back, all the contestants appeared to be laughing.

Kevin shook his head.

And Sajak congratulated Lisa — with a caveat.

“Although you got the right answer,” he said, smiling, “I’d rather see Kevin’s play.”

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