The marketing for SNL episodes is generally a low-key affair with a few funny-ish commercials featuring the next host and the musical guest during the days leading up to showtime. These days, the show doesn’t need much more than that to pull in viewers.

This week is different, however. The second-to-last episode of the season features Melissa McCarthy, and SNL (not to mention the comedian herself) is not missing an opportunity to get fans revved up for her performance during a week of political bombshells.

First there was Wednesday’s musical skit, which was much more involved than the typical SNL TV spot, featuring McCarthy singing and dancing to “I Feel Pretty” before SNL’s makeup and costume artists transformed her into her enraged, gum-chewing alter-ego, “Spicey,” a.k.a. White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

McCarthy first started parodying Spicer’s press briefings in February and has reprised her role quite a few times, despite (or maybe because of) the fact that President Trump hates the portrayal, according to Politico.

As the news kept getting more ridiculous over the last couple of days, McCarthy couldn’t help but add an addendum to that video on her Instagram account Thursday. Following the somewhat inexact news that Spicer had hidden in bushes from reporters following the surprise firing of FBI director James Comey — in fact, as a correction clarified, he had huddled with his staff “among” the bushes — McCarthy posted a video of herself as Spicey going ballistic with the caption “Straight out da bushes.”

But she wasn’t done yet. Friday morning, McCarthy once again donned a suit and wig, then aggressively rode a podium on wheels — a prop she sometimes uses as a weapon during her Spicer skits — around Midtown Manhattan. “Come on,” she yelled, road raging at the slow-moving cars around her.

During a week of news insanity, SNL doesn’t have to use this much energy to get people to tune in on Saturday. This is clearly about more than advertising: McCarthy and the people behind the show delight in trolling the current administration. The question is whether the show can make its skits as outrageous as this week’s headlines.