After a mistrial was declared in Bill Cosby’s sexual assault case, a member of Cosby’s public relations team read a heated statement from the comedian’s wife, Camille Cosby.

“How do I describe the district attorney? Heinously and exploitatively ambitious. How do I describe the judge? Overtly arrogant in collaborating with the district attorney,” said the statement. “How do I describe the counsels for the accusers? Totally unethical. How do I describe many, but not all, general media? Blatantly vicious entities that continually disseminated intentional omissions of truth for the primary purpose of greedily selling sensationalism at the expense of a human life.”

The statement was read outside the Norristown, Pa., courthouse, where the jury declared themselves “hopelessly deadlocked” after 52 hours of deliberation in the case of accuser Andrea Constand. Camille Cosby, 73, only attended one day of the trial with her husband.

Camille Cosby’s statement continued: “Historically, people have challenged injustices. I am grateful to any of the jurors who tenaciously fought to review the evidence, which is the rightful way to make a sound decision. Ultimately, that is the manifestation of justice, based on facts, not lies. As a very special friend once stated, ‘Truth can be subdued, but not destroyed.'” Camille Cosby also thanked her husband’s lawyers, other staff members, family and friends for their support.

Cosby’s longtime spokesperson, Andrew Wyatt, made a statement of his own, declaring that “Mr. Cosby’s power is back. It’s back.” He also suggested that lawyers representing alleged victims, including celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, “go back to law school and take another class.”

The prosecutor, Kevin Steele, says he will retry Bill Cosby.

Some on social media took issue with Wyatt’s victorious reaction to the mistrial. Comedian Aparna Nancherla, who frequently posts social commentary, tweeted, “Ask women again why they don’t report their rapes.”

But early reaction to the Cosby mistrial from the celebrity twitterverse was decidedly muted. Many more were still expressing outrage that the Minnesota police officer who shot Philado Castile was acquitted Friday.