The main stage of a popular music festival in Spain went up in flames Saturday, prompting the evacuation of 22,143 fans, according to regional authorities.

Tomorrowland’s Barcelona stage was “completely destroyed” by the fire and “runs the risk of collapse,” local fire officials said in a statement. They are investigating what caused the blaze, but festival organizers said the stage “caught fire due to a technical malfunction.”

No one was seriously injured, but 20 people were treated for minor injuries or anxiety, according to the Associated Press.

The EDM festival takes place in several cities over the course of two weekends. Belgium hosts the main event.

Videos of the Barcelona fire show smoke billowing as flames lapped up the stage. The fire brought the festival to a halt hours before DJ Steve Aoki was scheduled to perform at 2 a.m., NPR News reported.

Taiwan was also scheduled to host a Tomorrowland event, but a typhoon prompted officials in the city of Kaohsiung to cancel all outdoor activities on Saturday.

“With this official government decision and to ensure everyone’s safety, UNITE With Tomorrowland Taiwan deeply regrets that the event in Kaohsiung City is cancelled,” festival organizers announced.

More than 19,000 people, mostly in the southern part of Taiwan, evacuated their homes ahead of the tropical storm, which made landfall Saturday night. The storm left 111 people with mostly minor injuries.

Dubai, Germany, Israel, Lebanon, Malta and South Korea are still scheduled to host Tomorrowland performances.