Bill Maher in 2014. (Janet Van Ham/HBO)

Comedian Bill Maher read a list of “25 Things You Don’t Know About Melania Trump” on his HBO show Friday night. Presumably President Trump and his wife aren’t regular “Real Time with Bill Maher” viewers, but one can imagine if they did tune in Friday, they’d be none too pleased.

Maher was playing off the regular celebrity magazine feature “Things You Don’t Know About Me” and the fact that the first lady appears on the cover of next week’s issue of Us Weekly. But FLOTUS probably didn’t participate in the “Things You Don’t Know” feature.

So Maher took the liberty of doing it for her.

Maher’s list was met with cheers, jeers and laughter from his audience. “Insights” from the list include:

1. In Slovenia, I was a catalogue model, which is what you call a model you order out of a catalogue.

17. My Secret Service code name is “That poor, poor woman.”

18. I copied this list from Michelle Obama

25. If I could tell my younger self just one thing, it would be this: If you catch a leprechaun and he gives you a wish, be more specific. 

No response from @realDonaldTrump — yet.