Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s new documentary, “The Vietnam War,” airing now on PBS, is an ambitious look at a period most are familiar with but few have studied in depth. The film dives into some often-overlooked story lines — what U.S. leaders really wanted, what it was like on the ground for American soldiers and their Vietnamese allies and enemies, and what happened after the war ended.

If 10 episodes of material isn’t enough for you, here are seven podcasts you can listen to to go even deeper into these narratives.

Start with The Washington Post’s own companion podcast, “The American War,” opinion columnist Alyssa Rosenberg’s guide to the PBS documentary. A new episode publishes each morning to unpack the latest installment of the documentary through interviews with Burns, Novick and others who worked on the film.

Here’s episode one:

Once you’ve done that, dive into these.

1. “LBJ’s War” (PRI)

PRI uses secret recordings of President Lyndon B. Johnson to construct an oral history of his presidency and struggles in Vietnam.

2. “Second Wave” (KUOW and PRX)

The “Second Wave” podcast explores the Vietnamese American refugee experience. This very first episode tackles how the Vietnam War still affects Vietnamese American families.

3. “Ken Burns and Lynn Novick,” “WTF with Marc Maron”

Burns and Novick sat down with Marc Maron for a long interview, in WTF style, about their documentary.

4. “A Rookie Reporter in Vietnam Captures the War’s Futility,” “The New Yorker Radio Hour”

“The New Yorker Radio Hour” revisits a story that ran 50 years ago — a young reporter whose “eyewitness report on the strategic demolition of a village helped change how we saw the Vietnam War.”

5. Episode 296, “Roughly Speaking” (The Baltimore Sun)

Ahead of the documentary release, host Dan Rodricks spoke with Arnold R. “Skip” Isaacs, who covered the Vietnam War in the 1970s for The Baltimore Sun.

6. Ken Burns, Lynn Novick and Gen. Merrill McPeak on “Think Out Loud” (OPB)

Another long interview with Burns and Novick along with Air Force Gen. Merrill McPeak, who worked with them on the film, this time from OPB’s “Think Out Loud.”

7. “#64: The Vietnam Tapes of Michael A. Baronowski,” “Radio Diaries”

Recordings from a Marine in the Vietnam War. Baronowski took a recorder with him into combat and sent tapes back home up until he was killed in action.

Thanks to RadioPublic for help compiling this list. You can see even more in our RadioPublic “Vietnam War Perspectives” playlist.

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