On Tuesday, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel was greeted with especially loud cheers and applause from his late-night studio audience — the day before, he delivered an emotional, scathing monologue about the Las Vegas massacre and Congress’s inaction on gun control. Similar to his monologues about the GOP health-care bill, it went viral.

Kimmel thanked the crowd. “I want to send special good wishes to those watching from Las Vegas, where you know what happened on Sunday night,” said Kimmel, who grew up in Vegas. “I’m not going to get deep into it again tonight. I said what I had to say last night.”

However, as he occasionally does, Kimmel also had a few words for anyone critical of his message.

“But I do want to say something to these nuts who spent most of the day today on television and online attacking those of us who think we need to do something about the fact that 59 innocent people were killed,” Kimmel said. “They say it’s inappropriate to be talking about it because it’s too soon.”

“Well, maybe it’s too soon for you because deep down inside you know, in your heart, you know you bear some responsibility for the fact that almost anyone can get any weapon they want,” he continued. “And now you want to cover yourself until the storm of outrage passes and you can go back to your dirty business as usual. But it’s not too soon for us, because we’re Americans, and last time I checked, the First Amendment is at least as important as the Second Amendment.”

“So we will talk about it,” Kimmel concluded, as his audience broke into applause again. “And shame on you for suggesting we do otherwise.”

For the second day in a row, late-night comedians dedicated part of their shows to talk about gun legislation and why it's not too soon to start the debate now. (The Washington Post)

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