First it was Harvey Weinstein. Then Kevin Spacey. Next came allegations against Brett Ratner. Then Louis C.K. And then James Franco. The weeks in between included stories about Dustin Hoffman, Jeffrey Tambor, Jeremy Piven, Bryan Singer and so many others.

Sexual harassment may not be limited to the entertainment industry, but it seems to openly thrive in Hollywood in a way that is unique to its power structure. It happens, people in the business are aware of it, but little has been done to change it. Until now.

The partially hidden yet well-known abuse in Hollywood is one of the most prevalent “open secrets” — a phrase many have used in the wake of the Me Too movement.

Our mini-documentary explores how the open secret of widespread sexual harassment is able to exist — even thrive — in Hollywood. We spoke to psychology professor Jennifer Freyd, industry therapist Rebecca Roy, television writer Tess Rafferty and representatives from SAG-AFTRA and Writers Guild to unpack why the problem is deeply ingrained in this community.

We examined the power dynamics that create an environment ripe for abuse, and explain why after decades of predatory behavior, we are finally paying attention.